How to explain the SHIFT key to your students

If you have students who are fast on their way to mastering touch typing with exemplary speed and accuracy, how can you continue to provide them with a challenge? Suggest they practice advanced punctuation and symbols.

Our 6 Favorite Summer Activities (For Teachers)

summer school

If you are a teacher heading into your summer vacation, what do you plan to do with your extra 60 or so hours of free time per week? Before you let those hours melt away catching up on sleep or sitting in front of the television, why not consider some of these ideas—

11 Tips to Keep Your Classroom Concentrated at their Computers [UPDATED]

When your classroom of students gets their hands on tech, whether its laptops or tablet computers, the opportunity for excitement soars. That’s a good thing, but it can also create chaos. So, how do you keep kids who have the Internet at their fingertips on task? How can you ensure they use the tech appropriately and take proper care of it as they’re learning computer skills?