6 Ways to Recognize Students’ Typing Progress

student recognition

It always feels good to be recognized for your achievements. Not only is recognition enjoyable, but it motivates you to work harder and continue to seek improvement. Here are 6 fun ways to recognize students’ typing progress in your classroom.

The Science Behind Why Achievements Motivate Students

By including badges in Typing.com, we didn’t just want to make the program more fun for kids but wanted to capitalize on research that shows how badges can improve achievement. Read on to learn more about 8 different science-backed ways that badges can help boost student performance…

Back-to-School Resources for Typing Teachers

When it comes to thinking through everything you need to get your typing curriculum up and running, we’ve got you covered. Here, we bring you everything a typing teacher needs for back-to-school in one convenient post.

The ULTIMATE Guide to Teaching Typing

As the start of school year is fast approaching, we thought that you could use some help with your back to school prep! Thus, the team behind our premium classroom edition, EduTyping, put together a comprehensive guide with all the information a teacher needs to effectively teach typing in their classrooms.

How to explain the SHIFT key to your students

If you have students who are fast on their way to mastering touch typing with exemplary speed and accuracy, how can you continue to provide them with a challenge? Suggest they practice advanced punctuation and symbols.