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We’ve Banished Video Ads on Typing.com Games!

Experienced teachers know the fine art of avoiding “down time” for students.

Unstructured time is when students are most likely to find trouble.

Whether bothering their neighbor or leaning back too far in their chairs, most minor misbehaviors can be avoided by keeping students busy.

Even 30 seconds of unstructured time can be enough for students to get off task.

With this in mind, we have now removed the pre-roll ads on our Typing.com games.

This way students will be able to play typing games without interruption.

Not only will this help students maximize their time spent typing, but it will also eliminate any chance that their focus turns from their computer to something else while they’re waiting to play.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and removing ads from games seemed like an easy win.

So go ahead and try out a game now!


9 thoughts on “We’ve Banished Video Ads on Typing.com Games!

  1. Some people might think that banishing video ads was a bad thing but, actually it was a very good thing because now you can just do things on this website without things that are unnecessary popping out of no where, honestly I think that they should do that everywhere with all these websites all across the country.

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