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How Do You Break Bad Typing Habits?

Bad habits happen. When it comes to typing, it almost feels like bad habits are inevitable.
By the time students get proper typing instruction in middle school, they’ve already spent their formative years pecking out messages to friends on an array of devices.

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What Can We Gain From Typing Fast on a Keyboard?

We often tell students that it’s important to improve their typing skills or learn to touch type, but we don’t always tell them why.

And we should, because understanding why touch typing is important will help boost motivation and get kids on board when it comes time to practice.

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What Are Your Biggest Challenges in Teaching Typing?

Every day we get tons of questions from teachers asking for help with their typing classes. So now, I’ve decided to set aside some time to answer the most important questions that come in each week on video and share them with everyone.

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5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Computer Desktop Clean

Studies show that people are more productive when working in an organized workspace. The same is true for working with an organized computer desktop. In honor of “National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day” here are our top tips for keeping your virtual desktop clean and organized.

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