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Coming Soon to Typing.com

In the coming months, we will be releasing some fun, highly requested features. Here’s a little preview of the next two updates!

Student & Teacher Avatars

Teachers, you will soon be able to upload an avatar that will show up on your student’s dashboards. This can be a school logo, a staff photo, or anything else you feel represents your class.

Student accounts will be able to choose from a pre approved list of fun avatars (cars, flowers, trees, even the Fun to Type monster!) that will show up on the class scoreboard, and in the Teacher Portal reports.

Improved Mobile Support

With Apple’s recent release of iOS9, some of you have reported trouble with iPads using the default Safari browser (Chrome works great, however!). We have been working with Apple to solve this problem, and will be releasing a much improved flow for our mobile typists.

Are there any features you’d absolutely love to see added? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Happy typing!


3 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Typing.com

  1. I would love if there were an increased number of practices on the typing practices. This is of course, not only because of personal struggle, but I have heard from many individuals that there are just not enough. So please, give us more to practice with and more to work with. Thank-you for your time I reading my comment.

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