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Ending Support for IE11

Beginning January 14, 2019, Typing.com will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (or previous versions of the browser).

Why Stop Supporting IE11?

Microsoft, the makers of the Internet Explorer, are actively working to migrate users to their new browser “Edge”. As a result, IE11 and previous versions of the browser, have not continued to receive the support required to keep pace with the development of newer web technologies.

As we do not expect IE11 to improve in the future, we have made the conscious decision to discontinue support of this browser. This enables us to ensure that we can continue to provide our users with an experience that includes the best the web has to offer now and in the future.

I use IE11. What can I do?

Currently only 3% of our users access Typing.com from Internet Explorer 11. If you or your classroom use IE11 you will need to use a new browser to access Typing.com. We strongly recommend Chrome, Firefox or Edge, and also support many other modern web browser.

If you have any further questions or concerns please reach out to us in our comments section below.


12 thoughts on “Ending Support for IE11

  1. Very glad for this decision. I wish more sites would do this. I’m a web developer who has begun using CSS Grid for my layouts, and I’m tired of having to put in the IE prefixes just for Grid. Love your work on typing.com and NitroType.

  2. After the launch of the Windows 10 edge browser, Microsoft has stopped the support for the internet explorer 11 which is now unprotected since you will not get any security patches.

    1. This is not technically true. While IE 11 does not receive regular updates, it will continue to receive security updates.

  3. I am using IE 11 in my classroom and our IT dept is experiencing some challenges in migrating our student PC images to another web browser. What kinds of issues can we expect to see in the near future while we continue to try using IE 11? I do not have a more accurate timeline for when our new images will be ready.

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