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Gettin’ Crazy With the Keyboards

One of the most important, yet amazingly overlooked, aspects of typing is the most obvious… your keyboard! Chances are, you are using the standard, flat, non-ergonomic keyboard that came with your computer. Such standard keyboards can not only hamper your ability to type faster, but can also increase your risk of serious wrist injuries such as R.S.I, or repetitive stress injury. Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, and while we always recommend ergonomic keyboards, let’s take a look at some of the other, more wild options at your fingertips.

SafeType Ergonomic Keyboard

Featuring two vertical keyboard segments, outlying function keys, and a numpad placed comfortably out of reach, the SafeType Ergonomic Keyboard is more reminiscent of a transformer than a keyboard. For those of you looking to reduce strain on your wrists while aboard the U.S.S Enterprise, the SafeType keyboard can be yours for $289 via SafeType

Maltron 3D Keyboard

The Maltron 3D Keyboard is shaped to reduce movement and tension of your wrists while typing by placing your hands in their natural neutral position. Large palm resting pads below the keys allow immediate hand and arm relaxation when not typing, and promote a reduction in arm rotation. Great for those who spend hours a day typing, not so great for those with friends. Yours for around $450 via Maltron

WolfKing Gaming Keyboard

For the millions of gamers out there, W A S D is the difference between getting owned and dishing out the ownage. If this rings true to you, you might want to jump on eBay and track down the now discontinued WolfKing Gaming Keyboard. The WolfKing moves all your most used keys to within press range without the need to move your hand across the keyboard. Previously available for $79, these keyboards can go for upwards of $200.

Have you found an awesome keyboard that deserves mentioning here? Leave a comment and let us know!


17 thoughts on “Gettin’ Crazy With the Keyboards

  1. Oh come on, I know I’m not the only gamer out there that appreciates the Wolf King series. Am I………….

    1. No it is always Star Wars day because it is way better than Star Trek could ever hope to be. If you agree, reply on why Star Wars is always better than Star Trek.

  2. To the internet I say goodbye. This is my last day on Typing.com and I just wish that they will implement my game idea so I can sleep at night. May Star Wars always be better than Star Trek, and may the glory of the Wolfking series as well as PC gaming always live on. Because let’s be real, PC is the way better than handheld and console gaming. I mean PC can have more games on it, you can take it anywhere and have a big screen, and reflexes actually matter in PC gaming and that is why I took this course in the first place. To improve my PC gaming skillz.

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