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New Features Coming to Typing.com!

Big news everyone! We have just released a beta version of a brand new Typing.com platform to give you a sneak peek at the new features coming out this summer.

This beta version will allow users like you to give us feedback on the new features and let us know what you think before we make official changes across the board in July.

To get access to the beta, click here to create a preview account:

Below you’ll find quick descriptions of some of the biggest new updates:

Avatars that Level Up + Corresponding Skins

One of our users’ favorite features has been the ability to personalize your typing lessons by choosing a skin. Now, these skins just got a major upgrade.

When you pick a skin, this not only changes the look of the site, it also gives you an awesome new avatar to represent you.

The more letters you type the more experience points your avatar gains. Type enough and you’ll level up your avatar to something even cooler!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Stories are fun, but they’re even more fun when you’re part of them!

To add even more fun to the lessons, we’ve created some Choose Your Own Adventure lessons that not only enable you to type your way through suspenseful stories, but you even get to decide what the character does!

Learning to type is about to get MUCH more exciting.

New Achievements to Unlock

Just like in a game, as you type you will be able to unlock achievements for typing speed, accuracy, characters typed and more!

The more you type the more achievements you will unlock!

New Lesson Screens

You’ll now find three different screens for lessons designed to reinforce repetition and to visually remind you of where keys are located on the keyboard when learning new keys.

This will make it even easier and faster to start typing quickly and accurately.

Accessing the Demo

Ready to check out these new features for yourself?

Click the button below to create a preview account:

Give Us Your Feedback

We would love for you to take a few minutes to check out these new features and more on the beta version of Typing.com.

If you find something that doesn’t work or that you would like to suggest, just click the Report Bug button in the top right corner to leave us a comment. It’ll even give you an option to “Draw” on the screen to show us exactly what you’re talking about.

We appreciate your input! So that we can ensure to have the best possible platform available for you.


24 thoughts on “New Features Coming to Typing.com!

  1. You have made a 56 yr old woman feel like an excited 6 yr old child. I am so looking forward to this. Thank you

  2. A wave of excitement just passed through my IT Office and a flood of compliments for your service!! Woohoo!

  3. Are any of the changes on the administrative side of things? I would really like the option to turn off the back space key! Also the option of forcing students to do lessons in order would be nice. And one more suggestion re reports; how about a progress report to show students’ gains/improvement in WPM and accuracy? Maybe compare scores from their last 2 typing tests?? This would provide great competition between students, classes or grades.

    1. I agree; these suggestions are all excellent! Two more suggestions:
      1. Allow student level to be adjusted by instructor, in addition to doing the lessons in order
      2. Allow a progress report to show the percentage increase in both WPM and accuracy from what they scored on a particular date (either start of use or start of school year) to current test results.

      1. I love these ideas, and am really interested in students being able to see what their current overall WPM, length of time on program, and accuracy easily. I teach high school, and my students have to hit all three to get points for the week.

        I disagree that the backspace button is an issue, as we aren’t on typewriters, and the backspace tool is huge for word processing:)
        You guys are the best at Typing.com

  4. I’m a Computer Teacher for Grade 1, 2, and 3 students here in the Philippines. My students really love typing.com! I am writing to you to say Thank you for creating, in the words of one of my Grade 2 students, “Awesome!” website. We just ended our school year but some of my students have asked my permission if they could continue typing.com in the Summer. That’s how much fun they have learning how to type using your website. Typing.com will be included in my Computer Lesson Plans for years to come. Please extend our gratitude to your team Mike Gecawich and more power to typing.com!

  5. I am looking forward to starting my lessons today. I work in a office environment, and i need to type better to be competitive

  6. Congratulations and it’s great to hear from typing.com in motivating the users to learn the art of typing which will ease their work.

  7. Here are my suggestions:
    Can typing tests be based ONLY on the letters learned to date?
    Please give teachers the ability to turn off backspace.
    Ability to “push” students back to a certain level if they did not master those letters.
    When the students get into intermediate lessons and they move from easy home row words to easy top row words I find many children move all their fingers to the top row instead of home row and you please add lesson the slowly integrate more and more top and bottome letters while keeping the kids on the home?row?

  8. Could there be a feature that would not allow a student to play a game until they have completed a lesson?

  9. Just previewed the new interface. It’s great! My current students peeked over my shoulder as I walked through it with them, and they love it! They are sad that they can’t use it now. I told them if we switch over, all of their current lesson progress wouldn’t transfer…so they’re waiting for the full switch over!

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