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New on Typing.com: Self-join improvments

New on Typing.com: Self-Join Improvements

Hey Teachers! Classroom management just got a whole lot easier! Self-join links are a great way to add students to your classes on typing.com, and now they’re even easier to use.  🎉 Watch the video below to see a quick preview of our new feature in action, or check out the highlights listed below.


Improved Visibility

We wanted to make the self-join link much more visible, so you can now find it just below the class name on your class’s page.

self-join link location


Self-Join Signup and Login

New students can signup on the join link page, but we’ve added a new feature, so now existing students can join your class simply by clicking the “Join with Login!” button and logging in.

join with login


Approving/Rejecting Join Requests

When a student requests to join your class, you’ll receive a little notification next to your “Classes” link in your navigation at the top of the screen.

students requesting to join notifications

Unfortunately, there have been a few situations where students have typed in random self-join links and joined other teacher’s classes 🤪. We put an end to this by allowing teachers the ability to approve/reject all students who are requesting to join their class.

students requesting to join table


Editing Self-Join Links

Editing your self-join links is simple! In Class Settings (click the pencil icon next to your class), you’ll see a Self-Join Link section where you can update your self-join code to something simple for your students to type. If you want to disable a self-join code, simply remove the text in the self-join code input field, so that the field is blank and save your changes.


That’s it!

We hope these update make the self-join links even more useful, and easy to use. We’d love to hear your feedback! Contact us at www.typing.com/support.


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  1. I signed into typing.com each time I try to do a test a window pops up saying please correct your computer time. I live in Pakistan so the time is totally different how to rectify this problem.

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