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New features on Typing.com will motivate your students more than ever before!

What motivates students to want to learn more?

While I’m pretty sure it’s every teacher’s undeclared mission to try to figure that out, here at Typing.com it’s one of our team’s biggest priorities.

We’ve spent years testing and learning across our various typing platforms: Typing.com, EduTyping.com, TypingU.com and NitroType.com to determine what motivates students to practice more.

Through all of that data, we’ve made some significant discoveries. And I’m excited to announce that in just a few weeks we will be introducing a number of new features to Typing.com that have been proven to inspire students to practice more.

Here are some of the new features you’ll be seeing on Typing.com in the coming weeks:

Dynamic & Personalized Avatars

Soon, students will have an avatar that accompanies them through the different levels of EduTyping. These fun characters will level up as students complete lessons, earn stars, and receive milestone badges.

Student Achievement & Incentive Upgrades

New Achievements will motivate students to log more hours practicing their typing than ever before. Students can unlock achievements for consecutive days of practice, improving accuracy, and more! You’ll find your students competing with themselves and each other to see who can unlock the most achievements.

User Experience Enhancements

New dashboards for both students and teachers will make it easier to navigate content including beginning and resuming lessons and tracking progress. Additionally, each lesson will now begin with a video that previews the lesson content for students in order to build investment in mastering new skills.

Keep a lookout for these new features, and please continue to provide us with feedback so that we can make sure Typing.com best meets the needs of you and your students.


4 thoughts on “New features on Typing.com will motivate your students more than ever before!

  1. I have started using this software since it was Typing Web and I have recommended it to other teachers at Sheridan Technical College and they are currently using it as well.

    Students already enjoy using Typing.com and any upgrades will be a bonus. My students, myself and the other teachers all enjoy this program very much.

    Thank you!

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