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Top Jobs for Fast Typists

When it comes to finding the perfect job for you, it’s important to play to your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses.

Do you faint at the sight of blood? You should probably steer clear of a medical profession.

Lack patience? Working as a teacher might not be a great fit.

Students often use their academic strengths and weaknesses to help them decide what might be best-fit jobs for them.

Kids who excel in math class might consider engineering. Those who are gifted in the arts will gravitate towards a creative profession.

But what about students who are super speed typists?

What career path would you recommend for the boy who’s held down the number one spot on your WPM Leaderboard all year?

Read on for 8 ideas of the best jobs for fast typists—


Transcriptionists translate audio recordings into typed documents. This requires not only lightning fast typing but also incredible accuracy and listening skills.

Professional transcriptionists can make $50 – $75 per hour, making this a lucrative side job or a profitable full-time profession.


Regardless of what sort of journalistic endeavors you pursue, fast typing is a must for a few reasons. For one, the journalism world is full of tight deadlines and short timeframes, so being able to type up a storm will help you keep up.

Secondly, since journalism requires a high degree of original thought, having quick and accurate typing will allow you to put all of your attention on the craft of what you are writing, not on the process of writing it.


Fast typing isn’t the only skill required for coding, but if you have a knack for computer programming, being a quick and accurate typist will make your work much easier.

Typing code requires impeccable attention to detail, so speed and accuracy in typing are a must.

Data Entry

Does working from home sound like your dream office? Well, data entry positions are one of the most popular jobs for professionals seeking work-from-home options.

There are plentiful data entry positions available for freelancers. These jobs require quick and accurate typing in order to process and enter mounds of information into a database.


Love watching movies or TV? This could be a great job for you! Individuals who work in subtitling type the closed captions that accompany video footage.

While it’s also useful to have video editing skills, fast typing is a must in order to keep up with what’s going on on screen.

Personal Assistant

No matter what field you’re working in, being a personal assistant it a demanding job. From managing schedules to taking calls personal assistants must be able to multitask.

One skill that makes the job easier? Fast and accurate typing! In fact, many job postings for personal assistants require that applicants have a minimum of 60 WPM.

Court Reporter

A court reporter is responsible for recording every word that’s spoken during a court proceeding.

This work requires incredible focus and quick fingers. In fact, court reporters use a special keyboard called a stenotype that allows them to reach breakneck WPM rates.


While the name of the game in editing is attention to detail, typing skills are also a non-negotiable. Editors need to be able to revise other’s work on a very tight schedule and make sure that their own typing is quick and error-free.

Doing what you love is important, but doing what you’re good at should also be a factor when it comes to picking a career.

If you have students who’ve made serious strides in typing, help them know that there are plenty of professions where they can put their skills to work. And make good money doing it!


12 thoughts on “Top Jobs for Fast Typists

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    1. Is this a joke? You posted this with many typing errors and grammar errors.
      “Matter A fact” I got so good at my Job they made me Manager of the whole Building i really recommend.
      Matter of fact, I did so well at my job, the promoted me to be the manager of the entire building. I highly recommend.

      Typing quickly and efficiently is one thing, proper use of grammar and structure is another important part of any job! I suggest you review this.

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