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Typing.com has Added School and District Level Management – and it’s Free!

Typing.com has launched a new District or School Management account option that will allow you to connect and manage your schools and classrooms at the district level. District administrators can now invite and manage any number of school administrators, who in turn can invite and manage teachers in their school.

Of course, as always, all features of Typing.com are completely free!

Schools who are currently using Typing.com can upgrade their accounts quickly and easily without losing any data. Check out the video below to learn how to change your individual classroom accounts to a Typing.com district account.

If you’re already a Typing.com teacher, click here to log in and upgrade to a district account.

If you’re not a Typing.com teacher or school and would like to sign up with our keyboarding program that provides free content, reporting and teacher, school, and district level management without any restriction, click here to sign up!

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact [email protected]  


6 thoughts on “Typing.com has Added School and District Level Management – and it’s Free!

  1. Hello. I am excited to hear about your new school and district access. We use Clever for students and teachers. I was able to upgrade my account to district admin, which I am for this app and for Clever. However, I am not sure how to get my account connected with the schools, classes and teachers that already exist via Clever.

    1. We use ClassLink instead of Clever, which is OneRoster -based rostering and SSO; also, ClassLink does not charge the developer a penny for this integration- our District pays ClassLink. Any ClassLink integration available?

      1. Hi Samantha,
        We are actually working on that integration now – stay tuned for it in the next few weeks!

        1. While you’re working on things, do you think it will ever be possible for teachers/school admins to join a district with a self-join link instead of an e-mail. (Like the students join a class). Some organizations have difficulty receiving e-mails from outside sources and it would be much easier to link accounts if the teachers/school admins could enter self-join codes and then just be approved by the District Admin (the same way a student is approved by a teacher).

          1. Hi – I will pass your question on to the developers, this is a great idea!

            The Typing.com Team

  2. I would like to point out that since this change has occured, I have encountered a few bugs in the system. HOWEVER, I have messaged customer support about the matters and they are a true asset. They have corrected the few mistakes I made while trying to switch a few things over and I really appreciate their help. I had to switch a few accounts around to get it all in the right position, but customer support has been spot-on. Typing.com is an awesome service and I hope you continue to improve the service. You are doing a great job!

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