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Press Release: Typing.com Introduces Free District Accounts and Support Features

The web’s most popular typing tutor, used by more than 25 million students, becomes the only typing program to offer district, school and teacher supportcompletely free

San Juan, PRTyping.com, the web’s most popular typing tutor, now enables schools and districts using Typing.com in multiple classrooms the opportunity to set up a district-wide account, connecting schools and classrooms together and giving administrators access to progress reporting across schools. School and district accounts are free of charge, making Typing.com the only platform to offer full district support at no cost with no limitations on content or administrative features.  

“It’s our mission to make sure every student has the opportunity to learn the fundamental success skills of the 21st century,” said Austin Butler, Founder and President of Teaching.com, the creators of Typing.com. “Providing district support through Typing.com advances this mission by making it easier for a greater number of districts, schools and classrooms to get the most out of the program and giving many more students access to keyboarding lessons and curriculum. Most importantly, we are pleased to offer these features―and all features of Typing.com―for free, ensuring equitable access for all schools and students.”

The new account types will give administrators better insight into student progress across their organization and enable schools and districts to help students develop keyboarding skills at scale. Upon setting up a district account in Typing.com, users will have access to the following features:

  • Administrator Role―New school and district administrator roles are available, in addition to the teacher role. Administrators can send instant invites to add new educators to the school account, assign roles, and view each of the other educators in the school or district.
  • Custom Lesson Creation for Administrators―Typing.com recently released a new custom lesson creation tool for teachers. This supports cross-curricular learning by enabling teachers to generate original content for students to type, integrate with current events or classic literature, or focus on any other content students need to learn. This feature is now also available to administrators, who can create custom lessons and make them available to all teachers in the school.

By introducing district support, Typing.com builds upon a number of recent upgrades in the Teacher Portal. The upgrades for teachers include more detailed analytics and progress reporting, making it much easier to get a high-level overview―in real-time or over a preset date range―of students’ lesson completion, average speed and accuracy scores, time spent logged into the program and more, all in one convenient screen. These new features are also available to administrators, who can view detailed reporting for all schools and classrooms assigned to their account.

Typing.com is the free, fun, and effective online typing tutor where learners in K-12 and beyond can develop excellent keyboarding skills. Administrators can get started today by setting up a school or district account at Typing.com.

Typing.com understands that, in the 21st century, typing is how communication happens. It is the core skill for interacting effectively with a computer, making it the number one communication skill in the digital world. Typing.com gives students the opportunity to learn this foundational skill in a relevant, gamified environment, where lessons and exercises are presented in the context of cross-curricular content and real-world tasks, and students practice their skills by playing real games where learning becomes a natural part of the game-playing experience and not an isolated, forced activity. Learn more about this free program, trusted by more than 25 million teachers and students worldwide, by visiting https://www.typing.com


5 thoughts on “Press Release: Typing.com Introduces Free District Accounts and Support Features

  1. While I have enjoyed discovering these new features, I have encountered two issues of which I am concerned.

    1) When a “Teacher” account is converted to a “School” or “District” account, there doesn’t appear to be a way to undo that action if a person wanted to revert the account back to “Teacher”. Doing so manually results in the new “District” being without a District Admin and you are then unable to un-associate an account from a district because it is NOW linked to a District that doesn’t have an admin.

    2) Some organizations do not allow employees to use their personal e-mail for work-related programs and their work-related e-mail address is limited to their own internal intranet. Why can’t a teacher/admin be invited to join a district with a self-join link (like a student joining a class)? This eliminates the need for a teacher/admin to have to “accept” an “invite” via e-mail (which they can’t receive at work). Instead the District Admin can just accept the teacher/admin the same way a teacher currently accepts a student. Thoughts?

  2. Thank you for creating the custom lessons. I have already created lessons on character traits. After I typed the lessons, the students said they were too long, so I’m glad I was able to edit them to make them one sentence per lesson so they can work on their speed in short amounts. I would like to re-order them, but I haven’t figured out a way to do that yet.

    1. Judy, reordering the LESSONS does appear to be an option, but reordering the SCREENS within the lessons is not. For example, if I have Lesson “A” which consists of 12 screens, Lesson “B” which consists of 6 screens, and Lesson “C” which consists of 8 screens, the Lessons can be in any order by placing a number in the box that says “Display Order (Will Allow Lessons to Sort Numerically)”. If I assign those numbers as follows:
      1 = Lesson A
      2 = Lesson B
      3 = Lesson C
      The lessons will appear in the order of A then B then C. However, if I type the numbers as:
      1 = Lesson C
      2 = Lesson A
      3 = Lesson B
      The lessons will appear in the order of C,A,B.

      However, the SCREENS within the lessons will only appear in the order I have typed them. If you want to move them in a different order, copy/paste them into the correct boxes/screens to change the order. Unless they someday change this, it appears to be the only way to do so at this time. Luckily your screens are only one sentence. 🙂
      Hope this helps!! 🙂

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