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TypingWeb.com is now Typing.com!

We are excited to announce we’ve officially changed our name to Typing.com! As the worldwide leader in teaching typing, what better name could we have? And beyond this great name change, we have a whole new Typing.com in the works. We know you will all love it.

What Does This Mean For You?

Be sure to update your current bookmarks and shortcuts. The name “typingweb.com” will still work, and simply take you to typing.com, but it’s recommended that you update the links.

If you are behind a school or corporate firewall which has white-listed the typingweb.com domain, it is imperative that you whitelist typing.com immediately! So teachers, be sure to contact your network administrators as soon as possible to ensure there is no interruption to your students’ learning.


4 thoughts on “TypingWeb.com is now Typing.com!

    1. Hi Angela,
      You can change the login credentials (ie: email and password) by going to the Account page of the teacher account. There under Account Details you can edit the email address and just below that section you can change the current password. If you have any further questions please contact support.

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